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Staff Training and Inservice

While GEARS is easy to use piece of software with intuitive navigation and methods, we understand that staff training is important to fully utilize and understand the nuances of any software.

Level Four staff can provide short one on one trainings with key personnel, full 1 hour staff inservice trainings, or a full day computer lab training for your staff. We want to ensure that the possibilities of having such software are understood and that everyone feels comfortable with the abilities of the GEARS application.

If you wish to have us train your staff, simply contact us to discuss your location, needs, and we can get you a quote on this service.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What type of training or inservice trainings do you offer?
We can custom tailor your training needs to what your school might need. We can offer quick 1 hour training overviews to your entire staff, or we can do full day inservice trainings with utilization of your computer labs and small staff training groups. Either way, staff will get to see the software in action and get a better understanding of how simple it is, yet effective it can be.
2. Can you do training remotely?
Yes, we can provide training via remote methods. They are not nearly as effective as hands-on training or having person to person contact as the communications can be difficult even with today's technology. We prefer to do remote training on a one-on-one basis, often a good choice for administrators.
What does it cost?
Service Cost: Please contact us regarding your training needs and we can quote you on costs. Much depends on travel from our Oregon location to your school location.
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